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First CROPCIRCLE in Asia on 23.Jan.2011 - EXPOS

EXPOS ABOUT CROP CIRCLES First Crop Circle" phenomena in Asia on 22./23.Jan.2011 in a ricefield at Rejosari near Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia - see also at Google:"UFO Sleman-Yogyakarta" and the YouTube videos by johnscottartist ____________________________________________ A. / B., C. see at Google: "Crop Circles development" D. see at YouTube Videos: 1.) Die neue Feldordnung" 1 - 5 by MrRomantic23, duration 50:11 In 5 videos there will be proofed that the crop circ- les cannot be made from earthlings, because the technology is not known on earth. It will be shown: the fascinating mathematical variability, the compa- rison with crop circles made by earthlings,the crea- tion by electro magnetic radiation,the chemical mo- lecular changings of the soil and the crop plants, the undoubtable for all earthlings visible intelligent way of communication, the probable pedagogical reason of the "Crop Circles" - the uplifting of our cosmic awareness. 2.) "The Arecibo Message is answered" by Mr.Romantic23, duration 06:03 The SETI - Project message / question to the Uni- Universe from 16.Nov.74 from the Arecibo / Puerto Rico Radio Telescope and the ET "Crop Circle" replies from 14. Aug. 2001 beside the Chilbolton Radio Telescope Observatory / UK ; and 3.)"The answer of the ET via Crop Circles" in bi- nary code from 24.Aug.2002 near Cropwood / UK by masterinsideyou, duration 04:49 "Beware the bearers of false gifts ...

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