'Iran's complaint against US, EU sanctions' [PressTV]

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The years now and specially the past few months most of the news about Iran broadcasted by western media has been peppered with words like sanctions, economic strife, nuclear this and nuclear that, all the vocabulary associated with grave concern.

The economic, political and even cultural pressure imposed on Iran by the west is under pretext of pressuring it into halting its nuclear energy program. The latest round of sanctions has targeted Iran's banks, energy and shipping industries and since they were imposed all eyes have been on Iran to see what results the pressure will yield.

But Iran says the accusations against its nuclear energy program are baseless. To back that claim the International Atomic Energy Agency has not reported any deviations in the program either.

The Iranian government's reaction to the sanctions sends the message loud and clear that as before Tehran plans on withstanding the pressure of sanctions.

Iran is adamant that the sanctions violate international law and various treaties. Iran's presidential centre for International Legal Affairs is preparing to file a lawsuit against the US and European Union accusing them of imposing sanctions that are not supported by the UN charter.

This episode of the program takes a look at Iran's legal case against the West's sanctions imposed on the country.

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