Stuart Wilde: 'Fascism, 2012, Year of Retreat, Being Balanced, the Matrix' [AwakenToTheTruth]

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We should start building sustainable cities building our own eco homes, growing organic foods, advanced child education, resource based, freely sharing all plans open source. Power and technology should be free to all as a benefit to life. We don't need money

Demise is imminent. USA produces nothing. How on earth can America still stay afloat? Nothing has recovered in the housing market or jobs. This is all manipulation of the data and they dumped all that money (totally unpredictable - hence why they were wrong) into the economy. How much longer can people actually believe their own delusions? The notion that people actually believe in a right or left side of politics is beyond me. It is easier to deny the truth than to accept it and take action. This is basic physch 101. And its everywhere.
- Gerald Celente -

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