AURORA SHOOTING: The Bonnie Kate Pourciau Operation

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I'm receiving word that they are about to draw attention to her story with an issue of stacking the charges against Holmes since Holmes is listed as having endangered the life of a "Bonnie Kate" and a "Bonnie Pourciau" as separate people when her full name is Bonnie Kate Pourciau.

Honestly, it all seems too convenient; so I will be analyzing all of these new interviews which appear to be ignoring the skeptics, and focus on family values: like relationships and faith. Pretty much vilifying and criminalizing independent investigation.

It is entirely suspicious that all of this material is appearing out of nowhere a month later with a seemingly determined objective of debunking anything besides the official story- going so far as to have these new witnesses calling it a "psychological operation" on cell phone minutes after the shooting.

They still have the issue of the goatee bearing individual that took the phone call and opened up the emergency exit, and the blood trail which has a spatter pattern leading back inside theater 9:

Here is the Bonnie "pray" video (the whole thing is so professional, I'm worried if there is a connection to the recent death of director Tony Scott):

The "newly discovered" (and highly convenient) cell phone footage has a likely hacked date stamp. I already have quasi-proof of this:
reignofcrimson's youtube channel (which was provided to the internet before even the local news began broadcasting) apparently has "recap" videos with date stamps of the same day of the shooting. He is also providing debunking tactics from out of the blue. However, I know that I, and probably many other people who were researching this, were checking this channel and never saw those videos until weeks later.

Look at how they changed the thumbnail on an ABC interview which doesn't even contain an interview with this "new interviewee" in the segment:

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