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Indonesia-173: First Crop Circle in Asia (4)

Expos about Crop Circles First -Crop Circle- phenomena in Asia on 22.Jan. 2011 in a ricefield at Sleman, near Yogyakarta / Indonesia - see also at Google: -UFO Sleman-Yogyakarta- A. B., C. see at Google: Crop Circles development D. see at YouTube Videos: 1.) Die neue Feldordnung (The New Field Order) 1 - 5 by MrRomantic23, duration 50:11 In 5 videos there will be proofed that the crop circles cannot be made from earthlings, because the technology is not known on earth. It will be shown: the fascinating mathematical variability, the comparison with crop circles made by earthlings, the creation by electro magnetic radiation, the chemical molecular changings of the soil and the crop plants, the undoubtable for all earthlings visible intelligent way of communication and the probable pedagogical reason of the crop circles - the uplifting of our cosmic awareness. 2.) The Arecibo Message isanswered by MrRomantic23, duration 06:03 The SETI-Project message/question to the Universe from 16.Nov.1974 from the Arecibo/Puerto Rico Radio Telescope and the ET Crop Circle replies from 14.Aug.2001 beside the Chilbolton Radio Telescope Observatory / UK ; and 3.) The answer of the ET via Crop Circles in binary code from 24.Aug.2002 near Cropwood / UK by masterinsideyou, duration 04:49 Beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises. Much pain, but there is still time. Believe there is still good out there. We oppose ...

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