Destination Truth: Alien Invaders

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Alien Invaders

The Case: It's hard to believe, but Kazakhstan (in Central Asia) is home to the greatest number of UFO sightings in the world. In fact, villagers in that region claim to have witnessed alien invaders lurking in the area. Sounds like a job for Josh Gates and the Team Truth.

The Adventure: From Los Angeles, the team packs up and flies 7,00 miles to Almaty, Kazakhstan to begin their investigation. After a quick look at the militaristic local architecture and a tour of the cultural center, the team moves on to their first interview atop a local mountain. The Kazakhstan resident they talk to claims to have seen and photographed a strange assortment of lights and shapes moving westward across the sky. Armed with that information, Gates and company board a train headed west and travel 2,200 miles to Uralsk—a trip that takes them three days. Once in Uralsk, they board a tour bus (of sorts) and head off to interview two more eyewitnesses about their close encounters. One of these interviews yields particularly interesting results: a report of a metallic sphere that government officials promptly confiscated. His curiosity piqued, Gates confronts a few government officials and is finally allowed to see the sphere. After taking pictures of the mysterious object for later analysis, the team heads into the woods to set up base camp for the evening. During the night, the team witnesses several lights in the sky that they can't even begin to explain. After logging the evidence, they head home to Los Angeles to analyze their findings.

The Findings: Back at Team Truth Headquarters in LA, the team goes to work on their discoveries. The sphere is discovered to be a fallen satellite, but that still leaves the lights in the sky. Needing a second opinion, the group turns to UFO expert Steve Murillo of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). Murillo is able to identify two pieces of evidence but the third, a pairing of two rapidly moving lights, is beyond even his explanation. It seems that Kazakhstan has delivered on its reputation for UFO sightings and also made Gates a believer.

Swedish Great Lake Monster

The Case: In Sweden, reports of the Great Lake (or Loch Ness) Monster are so frequent that the monster is actually protected by law. There is even a 1000-year-old Viking rune stone in the area depicting the monster. Team Truth plans investigate the monster's known habitat and see if there is any truth to these long-standing reports of a 20 foot-long, lake-dwelling beast.

The Adventure: After zipping across the Atlantic Ocean, the team touches down in Ostersund, Sweden, which sits on the banks of the Storsjoodjurs Lake. This freezing cold body of water is where most of the recent Lake Monster sightings have taken place. After a fun-loving tour, the team heads to the Jamtli Museum to research the history of the Great Lake Monster with the help of the museum's curator. Fifty miles south, in the town of Svenstavik, Gates interviews a couple who recently took a picture of what appears to be the Great Lake Monster—Gates takes a copy for later analysis. Unlike the other monsters investigated by Gates, the Great Lake Monster actually has a local agency devoted to finding proof of its existence. After striking up a working partnership with this high-tech agency, Team Truth jumps into action, taking a three-pronged search approach and searching by plane, Jet Ski and on the shore. After a blip shows up and rapidly vanishes, the team decides to literally dive in and continue the search underwater. After setting up a base camp on a dock, they break up into two teams and go to work. After encountering a few interesting occurrences during the evening, the team packs it in.

The Findings: Back in Los Angeles, Gates takes his findings to Pepperdine University to consult with Dr. Lee Kats. Based on the evidence, Kats thinks Gates may have indeed encountered a living organism but he also thinks that the locals could be mistaking a school of very large Pike Fish as the Great Lake Monster. Kats has some interesting theories about other pieces of evidence too, but he can't conclusively dismiss everything that Gates brings him. Certainly there are enough pieces of the puzzle to imply that something other than Pike Fish are lurking in the lakes of Sweden.

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