Richard C. Hoagland Debunks NASA

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Don’t Be Scammed NASA NAI Pseudoscientist Con Job Against Richard C Hoagland EXPOSED
These are some of the Very Important Issues covered in DEEP IMPACTS
Ask an Astrobiologist
In Deep Impacts Richard C. Hoagland contribution to NASA
VI.GUEST INVESTIGATORS AND VISITORS It reads and I quote: Mr. Richard Hoagland ( Who is also a science writer connected with projects at the Goddard Space Flights Center ) Unquote.
Title The Moon By Author Mr. Richard C Hoagland Title The Moon
By Author Mr. Richard C Hoagland

The Author M-15
Richard Hoagland is former staff lecturer and Curator of Astronomy and Space Science at the Springfield Museum of Science in Massachusetts.
He subsequently was Assistant Director of the Gengars Science Center and the Planetarium at Cildren`s Museum, Hartford, Conn., and deviced several major programs to modernize planetariums in the U.S. His innovations include techniques described as "a major breakthrough in the field of planetarium programming and simulation " in the journal Sky and Telescope. A writer and lecturer, Mr. Hoagland is a consultant on astronomy and space science to museums, planetaria, and the aerospace and broadcasting industries.
The initial suggestion to include some message aboard Pioneer 10 was made by Eric Burgess and Richard Hoagland.
Quote: M. Acknowledgments
"We thank the Pioneer Project Office at Ames Research Center,
especially Charles Hall, the Program Manager, and Theodore Webber; and
officials at NASA Headquarters, particularly John Naugle, Ishtiaq Rasool,
and Henry J. Smith, for supporting a small project involving rather longer
time scales than government agencies usually plan for. The initial suggestion
to include some message aboard Pioneer 10 was made by Eric Burgess
and Richard Hoagland. A redrawing of the initial message for engraving was
performed by Owen Finstad; the message was engraved by Carl Ray. We
are grateful to A. G. W. Cameron for reviewing this message and for suggesting
the serifs on the solar system distance indicators, and to J. Berger and
J. R. Houck for assistance in computer programming." Page 201 JPL Technical Memorandum 33-584, Vol. I. page 201.Unquote.
The Orbiter Enterprise
Richard C Hoagland was the main man responsible for naming Orbiter Enterprise at the time when he was science advisor for the CBS news. This is also stated at the NASA site on page 2.5.2 entitle The Orbiter Enterprise:

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