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Hi Brethren,

People in Churches are still threatened by the Dog-Collared Priests in the name of sin when Christ Jesus had already shifted us from the old houses, the Synagogues, made by human hands and governed by a Rabbi - Matt,13.v52 - to our New House, the Temples of God, made not by human hands but by Nature. In the Temple of God sits the Royal Priest, the Christ, the son of the most High. So, in Jesus, you do not need Churches made by human hands in line with the Synagogues but meeting rooms where two or three gather together in the name of Christ Jesus to discuss the Word of God that came out of the Mouth of Jesus -- Man shall not live by bread alone but what comes out of the Mouth of God delivered by His Sons - and this Christ Jesus said to be eating the Juicy Flesh of Jesus. Then, in a round table discussion, they ponder over His Word, each according to his own ability assisted by the Virgin Sisters and each one Preaches Gospel according to his own understanding and ability. This is called Drinking the Blood of Christ that strengthens your Faith, the Oil for your Lamps increased.
Jesus gave his own sacrifice as the Lamb of God against the Rabbis giving not their own sacrifices but of the animals in the name demiurge Yahweh, the creator of male and female and of Nature at large. Rabbis, the Priests, worked for Adam teaching the Moral Laws of Moses, made by human to discipline them and they had Disciples under them. Some Rabbis clip their head hair as a bond of submission to their Rabbis as these days Abbotts of Monasteries are doing as well. That is why the Monks in Monasteries do not accept any foreign literature except approved by their spiritually blind Abbotts.
Now, the Rabbis applied the moral laws and the transgression against the moral laws is called Sin. John, the Baptist was an Ideal Rabbi and he, the Pharisees, Rabbis, Saducees, etc, the Moral Teachers had Disciples. John, the Baptist Himself was a Freeman as the others were but even He had no Freewill as He was bound by the moral laws that He applied or judged the people whether the person has committed a sin or not. Whereas our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus came from God Who Himself is all-in-all, both has the Freewill and a Freeman and so was Christ Jesus, a Freeman with Freewill representing our Father as His anointed Son or our Royal High Priest. As in Jesus, the least belonging to the Royal Kingdom of God is greater than John, the Baptist, so we being the sons of Most High are also Freemen having Freewill. Freewill sets you Free of the Sins but makes you slave to the righteousness of heart. No more Scriptures or Milk for Babies needed for disciplining us as we are grown up sensible people of holy spirit, common sense, Children of Light superior to the Priests that judge people whether the person is a sinner or not according to the moral laws of Moses or Scriptures. Thus, in Christ Jesus or the Royal Priests, we do not need the Jewish Leaven Scriptures and that is why Christ Jesus forbade them. In Christ Jesus, we have Fellowship meeting rooms or the N.T. Bible of the twice-born does not contain the rotten Scriptures of the Jews full of corruptions or holes that have been rectified or fulfilled in the New Testament. Thus, Christ Jesus did not come to destroy the Moral Laws but uphold them on SOUND BASIS. Women, the Disciples of the Priests, Popes, Bishops, Abbotts, etc. need the rotten Scriptures fed by their Blind Guides that lead them to sectarian riots whereas the Men, the people of both sexes, capable of intuition and masters of their own destinies, John.9, as the Gentiles were, eat the Flesh of Jesus by pondering over His Word and then they enjoy the Soul Refreshing Blood of Christ by Preaching Gospel in order to Fish men only. Spiritual women cannot be fished into the Royal Kingdom of God and that is why Christ Thomas said, "Unless a Female becomes a Male, she cannot enter the Royal Kingdom of God".
These Dog-Collared Priests, Church Fake fathers, etc. fulfil Matt.12.v43-45 making the situation worse than before the arrival of Christ Jesus. I have put over 2660 Youtube videos explaining most of the Parables and the concept of Religion. One God One Faith whilst the Antichrists have many religions and Multifaiths like blind men defining an elephant.
Please display the Light by putting on T-shirts so that you too can catch a Man into the Royal Kingdom of God where everyone is solitary but of One Accord. Gospel is not difficult but you must think logically to gain Logo, His Word.
Golden chance to earn your Rest or Salvation and to enjoy Friendship with Christ Jesus. His Second Coming was in 1469 but those people, Khatris, are far worse than the Baby Princeses of Darkness of the Judah tribe.

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