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Video magnetic attraction

Magnetic attraction is the connection and annexation of individual magnetic fields produced by magnetic fillets (set of molecular magnets, neatly arranged, the molecular magnets are grouped one after another in rows that are called magnetic fillets due to reorganization of the elementary magnets) thus creating a force field of positive (+ adds magnetic fields) that will attract and join the magnetic fields of different polarity Author Juan Carlos Aviles Moran (student magnetologia)

Magnetic attraction definition -magnets attract magnetic fields because the lines of force connect with other lines of force of magnets of different polarity "Conection" the magnets is the connection lines of force traveling in space-time to join other lines of force of different polarity attract the magnet to create a single magnetic field and so aligned with the other magnet magnetic fillets (align and order the molecular magnets) and close or balance the magnetic field. Author Juan Carlos Aviles Moran (student magnetologia)

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