magnetic force waves or Waves of magnetic force

_Connection and Annexation Waves of magnetic force different polarity is "magnetic attraction" .Author Juan Carlos Aviles Moran.
Juan Carlos Aviles Moran (student magnetologia)

“Magnetic Repellency Unit (M.R.U)” invented by Juan Carlos Avilés Moran . Artificial Magnetic Monopoles invented by Juan Carlos Avilés Moran . Magnetic repellency power Zone (M.R.P.Z) invented by Juan Carlos Avilés Moran .

Magnetic Repellency Unit (M.R.U) Alternative energy projects using artificial magnetic monopoles and magnetic repellency to create a continuous rotary motion

in my project I propose to generate electricity using magnetic repellency and the use of shields to create artificial magnetic monopoles and thus create a rotary motion to move the shaft of a generator and thus generate electric power using the kinetics of magnetic repellency.

“THE GENERAL THEORY KINETIC MAGNETIC “ invented by Juan Carlos Avilés Moran . Taking as an example we compare the energy kinetics of the rider’s pedaling, comparing it with the thrust generated by the shock of the same polarity magnetic fields, (the magnetic fields that interact with other like polarity magnetic fields do not suffer from variations in temperature maintain a temperature that is stable or constant. remember no friction in this system rotating so there is no heat loss or heat gain). Thus the kinetic energy gained by the force of magnetic repellency is an efficient process.

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