ufo sighting oct 20 2008 USA, providence rhode isl

  • Uploaded by Kanaeta on Oct 28, 2008
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ufo sighting oct 20 2008 USA, providence rhode island

low flying glowing orb foo fighters multi-crafts (real) my recorded ufo sighting 1 of 3 ufo was seen life form et annunaki harp haarp elite ellite elitte martial law seti nasa documentary political commercial news commentary analysis ufo siting rhode island usa foo fighter fighters tr-3b aurora black book s4 covert military star wars battle bob lazzar lazar area 51 groom lake nibiru top secret spaceship mothership mother ship crash fema big brother eye in the sky high speed 2012 time travel morph morphing lost tribes government 911 terrorist terrorism cia fbi illuminati seen over clear footage

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