'How Much Lower Can America Sink?' [Gerald Celente © Financial Survival Network]

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Gerald Celente interviewed for the first time by the financial survival network with Kerry Lutz ( 23rd August 2012 : " ..The Afghan war a losing battle and now the people that we are training are killing our soldiers and hardly a peak ( on main stream media ) and all these politicians out there the Romney's the Ryan's the Obama's the Biden's nobody is saying cut back on the military , you want to balance the budget , hey how about trying that one , let me get this really straight the United States military has not won a major battle since World War II , and they always make excuse on why they lose , I tell you why they lose because they got a bunch of losers running the show ...and there are a buch of psychopaths and politicians who keep sending our men and women to get killed .....

Gerald Celente, world known, well respected trend forecaster made his debut on Regal Assets. World War Three could break out at any moment, but even if it doesn't you still need to prepare. Get into shape, buy healthy foods, stop buying at chain stores and support the shopkeepers of America. Start detaching from the false economy and the false political system, while you still have time. Gerald may not be perfect when it comes to exact timing, although he predicted the Crash of 1987 with amazing precision, but he knows that the Country has been lead down a dead end road and that the only way to come back from this awful fate is to to become aware and to prepare. Gerald's knowledge of history and his amazing ability to apply its lessons to today's world is extremely worthy of your consideration. Gerald will be coming back to Regal Assets again and again, as we're both fellow New Yorkers. And as Gerald says, now is not the time to be running away, stay and fight for what you believe in. Taking up arms isn't the way to go, refusing to be controlled and living your own life are what's important.

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