Alienated Nation - Audio Book

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There is an agency-government in charge of America. It is not elected. It is not accountable to anyone. You have no representation in it. It consumes more than 60% of all taxpayer funds. 40 States have passed Sovereignty Acts, more than enough to ratify Constitutional Amendments and peacefully recover the American Republic from the hands of the agency-government. This is book is vital to the survival of the Republic we the People call America. The elected representatives of this nation cannot perform their Constitutional duties without your help. You must find out what to do and why it must be done. Read the book today.
About the Author:
Brooks Agnew is a commercial scientist and a SixSigma engineer with more than 25 years of experience in American industry. He is a six-sime Amazon best-selling author and a world renowned public speaker heard by tens of millions of people on the subject of the origin and destiny of the Earth. He is an accomplished speech-writer for presidential candidates and an honor graduate in Chemistry from Tennessee Technological University. As the host of X-Squared Radio, he has grown to be one of the most recognized names in webcast talk radio. He has been featured on History, National Geographic, and TruTV Channels as well as hundreds of online video and audio interviews. Mr. Agnew is open to speak for book clubs, conventions and salons anytime or anywhere. You may contact him at


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