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Mile Wide UFO's Orbiting the Moon, August 26,2012

  • 8seconds
  • uploaded: Aug 29, 2012
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  • Temps13#

    Temps13 September 11, 2012 12:22:49 PM CEST

    this AINT bogus..Ive seen them in the exact same area just with real powerful binoculars so I know theyre real

  • Ghenghis#

    Ghenghis September 4, 2012 8:11:34 PM CEST

    LOL Total bogusossity!

  • Jxsunyan#
  • Disclosure#

    Disclosure August 29, 2012 6:20:46 PM CEST

    8seconds, did you film this or what was the source? That is some good footage and it seems as though great captures are happening more frequently now. It pisses me off when I see videos like this because it's clearly evident what they are, but not whose piloting them. It could be some of our people out joy-riding checking out the cosmos' scenery instead of et's. That's what should piss EVERYONE off- if it's human pilots, then they obviously have so called "mass-produced" these and can go anywhere in space they want while the rest of us are bound by their laws and their physics, dependent on their oil, and paying nearly 4 dollars a gallon for their gasoline. All of this at a time when the dollar is about to have the plug pulled on it also. We, as mankind, are going to HAVE to come together as "ONE" to achieve what our destiny is- to travel to the stars and have an unlimited abundance of resources, or we will slip unknowingly and unwillingly into a modern day serfdom. There is A LOT more of us then there are of them. They know that and that's why they keep people split intellectually down the middle so the country or the world can never see eye to eye.

    They'll have us believe in the left, right, and center bullshit, while portraying Romney and Obama as two totally different people. Despite the fact they play for the same teams and have the same agendas. But when the sheep hear the word conspiracy or UFO, first instinct is to dismiss it as crazy? If a world that has access to the internet or the information contained within it but fails to grow a brain and question things we've been told repeatedly to be true by the ones' that keep taking and taking, then we probably deserve everything we get in the long run. Basically, if this country(US) is satisfied with the ''media's" pick for president for instance, we asked for what we're going to get. It's truly sad but hey, at least American Idol still comes on.....just needed to vent for a sec

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