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  • Heretikos#

    Heretikos September 13, 2012 5:36:12 AM CEST

    1st one is a commercial

  • Rudeboi#

    Rudeboi September 2, 2012 9:52:26 PM CEST

    it's about time them animals got some revenge. We been fucking with them far to long.

  • Everything3d2.com#

    Everything3d2.com August 30, 2012 7:13:34 AM CEST

    Most of them are real, but as Thenew2010 said it is more than likely the sharks with people in their mouths are photoshop, two of these are commercials, won't say which ones to spoil it. All the lions, wolf and elephants are real. We also had a lion clearly eating a guy showing big hunks of his meat being ripped off and eaten, but they would take it off on Youtube and here. Even though that video is still on Youtube, the sickest thing ever to be seen. The part where the guy is in the cage and two lions attack gets bad after that as well, but he survives, the other one clearly didn't. He was on vacation, got out of the car started filming the lions close up like it was nothing, he and his friend were filming and the two lions caught him and ate him right on film, the guy was freaking out but kept on filming. While his wife and children had to watch him ate.

  • Thenew2010#

    Thenew2010 August 30, 2012 1:22:27 AM CEST

    most of it are real, only the shark parts look suspicious.

  • Webhead#

    Webhead August 30, 2012 12:51:05 AM CEST


  • shponglized#

    shponglized August 29, 2012 4:49:45 PM CEST

    Moral of this story: Stop tasting so good!

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