'The Truth Is On Air' [Stewart Swerdlow © Planet Xtra 26-Aug-12]

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Welcome to Planet X broadcasting every sunday evening between 8.00 -10.00 pm on City Talk 105.9 fm.

Looking forward to another great show with a very special guest - we've managed to grab an exclusive with Stewart Swerdlow while he is on his Britain and Iceland tour and has kindly agreed to take time out of his busy lecturing schdedule to come and talk to us and you on the show this Sunday.

Stewart is a fascinating man with fascinating theories and an equally fascinating personal stroy

Planet X is hosted by Neal Atkinson who will be joined every week with various eXperts to talk all things paranormal, alien cover-ups and conspiracies and much much.

Join us on the forum http://www.planetxlive.co.uk

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