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Prince Harry Vegas Pictures -- Partying COMPLETELY NAKED in Vegas!

  • Extraett
  • uploaded: Sep 3, 2012
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  • Neversaydie#

    Neversaydie September 4, 2012 2:35:36 PM CEST

    Listen up. What's all the fuss about. Is this video trying to shock us into thinking that a royal is acting "out of sorts" or is it to portray a royal who is down to earth and "cool" like the rest of us. Either way you should not be bothered by it. The MSM is controlled right? So if they wanted to keep this hidden from public view you can bet that they would have done so. This video was meant to be shown to the public, but for what reason I do not know. Maybe they are running scared and are trying to show us that "we are just like you really, so please take pity on us and don't be nasty and cruel to us when our asses are hauled off to jail when the shit hits the fan. We are only human like you".....................load of fucking nonsense.

  • Hayden#

    Hayden September 4, 2012 10:48:31 AM CEST

    The royal family (?) have given up all pretence of giving a shit what the peasantry thinks. By the way does'nt Harry 'the prince' bare more than a passing resemblance to GWB?

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