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Exclusive interview with Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy

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  • uploaded: Sep 3, 2012
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  • Spikey#

    Spikey September 5, 2012 2:15:54 AM CEST

    Well folks...If your attention span allow you to, i highly recommend you view this video through to its ending.

    It may SEEM as though this is just about Assange and Wikileaks and their well publicised struggles, and although the first third or so is about the history and particulars surrounding exactly WHY he and they are in the spotlight right now, there is a much, MUCH darker, more important second two thirds.

    As Assange readily admits himself...he is relatively unimportant when weighed against what is happening to the rule of law, or the dwindling presence of it in the West.

    Although he rejects the concept of martyrdom, and rightly so in my opinion, he does feel 'he' is a relatively small price to pay, if his actions both inform and activate the people of the world and rallies them against the gross illegality of governments, subjugation of populace, and the slide towards a totalitarianist unified body overseeing and directing world events....and perhaps worse.

    Julian lays out exactly what is going on...he is diplomatic in his rhetoric, but he doesn't leave an awful lot up to the imagination about what he is saying.

    Take it as a WARNING people...watch this interview and then realise why it was of the utmost import that you did. I'd advise a bottle or two of wine, a few beers or your preferred alcoholic beverage standing by to assuage the impact of what this brave man has to say. You choice of course.

    The question is what do we take away from this? How do we progress?

    We all have people and things in our lives that we will do almost anything to protect and safeguard...the problem may well be that doing nothing at all, which may seem the smart thing to do, will put that which we wish to protect in more profound danger than actually doing...something.

    Whatever way the people ultimately decide to act, if they even do act, I'd recommend acting..carefully.

    Remember when the phrase 'Careful, Big brother is watching' was just a euphemism? Yeah...so do i.

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