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PART 3 / 3 from THINK PINK - the 1970 classic from TWINK - The final 3 trks are:
1} rock + roll the joint
2} suicide
3} 3 little piggies
4 Sparrow is a sign

WILD THING.: Immediately after this, you recorded Think Pink, a great solo album despite being your first!

TWINK.: As I have already pointed I was still with The Pretty Things when I recorded Think Pink which I don't think Phil and The Pretties management were too happy about. It was great fun recording all the tracks surrounded by and aided by all my mates at the time. Most of the tracks I had already made demos of
and "The Sparrow Is A Sign", "3 Little Piggies" were put together in the studio. "Ten Thousand Words In A Cardboard Box" had already been released by The Aquarian Age. Another Aquarian Age song "Tiptoe On The Highest Hill" was demo'd at EMI Studios at Manchester Square in early 1968. "Suicide", the first real song that I wrote in 1966, was demo'd at that time in my home studio. There were outstanding performances on the recordings from everyone, in particular Paul Rudolph, Jon Povey, John Wood and Steve Peregrin Took. It is worth a mention that the final mix was done by Steve Peregrin Took and myself with Richard Gottereh present. Richard was Seymour Stein's partner in Sire Records.

WILD THING.: You have stated that Think Pink is the first Pink Fairies album, did the group come together as a result of the recordings?

TWINK.: Yes I have said in the past that Think Pink was the first Pink Fairies album but I don't believe that today, but only to a certain degree. Certainly Steve Peregrin Took & I had a imaginary band called 'The Pink Fairies', with our Pink Fairy velvet jackets, which we were working towards but that only became a reality when I had left The Pretty Things and he left Tyrannosaurus Rex. After playing drums on The Carnivorous Circus I formed The Pink Fairies with Paul Rudolph, Duncan Sanderson & Russell Hunter.
Long Live Rock'n'Roll.
.. other TWINK, FAIRIES, MICK FARREN, HAWKWIND, ZAPPA, NEIL YOUNG, + more in my lists....b.

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