'Extreme Sun Flare Tsunami by 2014 to set us back 100 years technologically' [Michio Kaku © FOXbusiness]

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There will be food riots because refrigeration will stop air transportation and telecommunications will stop because all the satellites will be knocked out. Extreme Solar flares events happen on an average of 1 each 200 years and we are to expect a massive one before 2014 if not earlier ,this means no internet, no tv, no radio , no gas for your car/truck, no lights (besides candles, good luck getting more), no running water, and no flushing your toilet! According to (NOAA), massive solar flares are expected in the next two years that could disable electrical grids worldwide – and that could put over 700 nuclear reactors in jeopardy of meltdown. That's because they are cooled by systems that need an outside source of electricity; so, if the grid goes down, and if auxiliary generators fail, so will the cooling systems.world wide blackouts could set out every nuclear power station cooling system and then what... a nuclear reactor needs cooling systems.... if they all failed ....end of the world? at the moment there are 700 nuclear powerplants all over the world.

- Gerald Celente -

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