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Farmin' in the HOOD

  • Extraett
  • uploaded: Sep 5, 2012
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And Making a Difference! Epic story of about 20 families that uprooted from suburbia and made their homes for good in one of the most blighted neighborhoods in the U.S. Lykins Neighborhood 64127 Inner City KCMO. And the game is changing! Together as Lykins Neighborhood we believe there is hope. Crime is dropping! 21% over the last 2 years and the adventure continues. Follow the story at TheUrbanFarmingGuys.com Featuring Aquaponics, Neighborhood Transformation, Permaculture, Urban Farming and lots of fun taking back the neighborhood. Come join the conversation on Facebook : http://on.fb.me/theUFGs and the Blog at http://TheUrbanFarmingGuys.com

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  • Hayden#

    Hayden September 6, 2012 12:53:10 PM CEST

    This has got to be part of the solution! Thanks for sharing. In the UK we are growing food on waste land. Taking back control of the food supply is vital,and now with the advances in photo electric panels we can localise power production aswell.

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