Alberta: 'They fly, they spy and they kill' [PressTV]

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They fly, they spy, they kill. But whether we like it or not drones, or remotely piloted aircraft, represent a contemporary phenomenon that is here to stay.

And the Canadian province of Alberta is set to become a hub for the testing and development of the flying killing machines. Drone innovators are seeking to establish a National Drone Testing Centre in Alberta and are requesting that the government relax laws restricting the usage of drones in civilian airspace.

Anti-drone activists say the people of Alberta should not allow their province to become a laboratory for drone innovation. They say that drones are invariably used to massacre men, women and children abroad or to enable an increasingly authoritarian police state to spy on its citizens at home.

Militarists who support the usage of drones argue that they save lives and reduce the amount of soldiers that need to be put in harms way. But critics say that if there are few actual troops dying at war then governments could potentially wage bloody wars in countries like Pakistan and Yemen without even informing the public.

If the proposed drone centre is approved by Transport Canada, Albertans could, knowingly or unknowingly, find themselves surrounded by flying machines with technologies such as thermal imaging technology to see inside buildings, communication intercept technology and a host of other devices that could potentially violate the elementary civil liberties of the citizenry.

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