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Sky Portal Appears Over Arctic Facility 2012


Strange event reported this week about a possible portal or wormhole, appearing over an Arctic Facility. Phenomena was witnessed by multiple people, who seem unshaken by the event, as they claim this kind of thing happens all the time in that region.

Some claim its a natural event, while others have stated they believe it to be a military weapon of some kind, possibly HAARP related. Phenomena lasted about an hour before disappearing. This is the only information I was sent by a subscriber, if you have any info then please private message me and I will add it to the description, include links if you can. Thanks.

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  • BeeDee666#

    BeeDee666 September 24, 2012 9:04:58 AM CEST

    It's JEEBUS!!! Jeebus is comin to take me home!! Praise Jeebus!

    Git your souls in order, coz we'll soon be floatin up to the Lord.

    "And the Lord thy God said 'I shall summon? thee on the day of days when all mankind shall shudder and weep and the oceans shall boil and the land shall shake and the sky shall be as fire and Paradise shall be within thy grasp as a succulent fruit plucked from a tree.' and it shall be so. And then darkness fell upon the face? of the Earth. Prepare thyself. Prepare."

  • Rickcarufel#

    Rickcarufel September 9, 2012 11:55:11 AM CEST

    It would seem that it's a natural phenomena cause by the magnetic field where it converges near the poles.

  • Shibbydougy#

    Shibbydougy September 8, 2012 1:01:09 PM CEST

    Awesome image, thanks for sharing!

    It looks very much like three objects plummeting to the ground - you can see the two on the left glowing with what appears to be flames, and all three leaving a a long trail behind them. In addition, the circular hole in the cloud would be caused by the first object's force when hitting the cloud, like a shockwave of sorts.

    So in my opinion, not a portal, yet still very interesting. What's falling? Well, conventional analysis would say a group of meteorites or the debris of a falling satellite perhaps. Unconventional.. well, I'm sure you all can guess. It would help to know the date the image was taken so as to check whether there are any reports on meteor showers or of satellites crashing.

    Eitherway, loved the image. Thanx!

  • BBWulf#

    BBWulf September 8, 2012 6:35:30 AM CEST

    Beem me up Scottie :)
    It's either a Portal
    it's Gods inflation Plug to let out all the Hot Air caused by the Jew World Order.

  • Coolwes105#

    Coolwes105 September 7, 2012 8:27:07 PM CEST


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