Mike Rivero: 'The Nightmare Scenario' [Zane Henry]

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Build up to WW3 / Economic Collapse / The Eleventh Marble-Syndrome & Spanish Flu

The US public need to wake up, realize that your government is looking for any excuse to start the war. And they know they will lose, and they don't care. America is the biggest nuclear threat in the world today...in fact, America is the biggest threat to world peace there is...our government is out of control. I believe the aim is to stir up a war with Iran to get the weapons sales moving to Gulf Arabs. Much like Gulf War I when the US economy was in a (mild) recession at the start of the war, the hope is that a war with Iran will help "spur" the US economy out of a recession. Either that or the military industrial complex is worried their domestic sales of weapons are falling off a cliff with the cuts. Perhaps start a fire somewhere to grease the wheels.
- Gerald Celente -

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