Four Corners - aussies are getting killed by drugs

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which were not available before the president bush arrived, his family were the opium dealers to the chinese in the name of the nazi british queen - who rather kill her subjets than to loose her control over them ... all parasites need to be detained and jailed forever ...

Four Corners - The Ice Age Documentary-Its cheap highly addictive and ultra-powerful. "Ice" or crystal methamphetamine is now more popular than heroin playing havoc with the minds and the bodies of nearly 50000 Australians. Ice is filling emergency wards with psychotic dangerous patients to the alarm of doctors who thought theyd seen everything. "Theyre the most out of control violent human beings I have ever seen in my life - and Ive been around for a long time" says one. "It makes heroin seem like the really good old days." This tribe of junkies roams the inner city scoring and shooting up. They stay manically high for up to a week without food or sleep. Finally they crash and eat before the welfare cheque arrives and the cycle starts all over again. In The Ice Age Four Corners goes to the heart of this destructive new epidemic. Reporter Matthew Carney takes his camera into a netherworld inhabited by hardcore ice addicts or skaters as they call themselves who live for their next hit.

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