'Gaza under fire of Israeli air strikes' [PressTV]

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Israel has launched fresh series of air strikes on the besieged Gaza Strip killing and injuring a few people.

The air raids targeted areas in eastern, northern, southern and central Gaza. Last week Israeli air raids and tank-fire killed six Gazans.

The Hamas movement condemned the Israeli escalation telling Press TV that Palestinian resistance movements have the right to respond to Israeli attacks.

The renewed surge in the attacks has prompted fears among Palestinians in Gaza of what they call more Israeli aggression similar to Israeli war at the turn of 2009.

Israeli leaders had been threatening to wage a major military operation against the Gaza Strip in past days. Israeli military minister Ehud Barack went as far as saying that his forces could reoccupy Gaza.

Israel claims that it attacked the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire from the blockaded territory.

But analysts say that Israel has a different agenda.

With the Israeli threats and the ongoing blockade Palestinians in Gaza say they fear of very tough times ahead.

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