Mysterious Plumes of Steam (?) Caught on Camera Near Salton Sea, Also Seen on Radar - Sep. 11 - 12

  • Uploaded by Goldy on Sep 13, 2012
  • Views: 1076 Unless it happens to be a fire... plz provide info/link if you find a fire near there (The Salton Sea, CA/San Fernando Valley) that can account for this.

The plume video was uploaded by Daniel Zermeno on Sep. 12, not sure if its from the 12th or a day prior perhaps. and not that it matters, but he seems unaffiliated with our crazy crowd of crater chasers - just a random dude who noticed it where he lives - so skeptics, be damned - something is going on.

Potential for volcanic activity in Salton Sea - USA Today (2011)

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