BREAKING: 'Jesse Ventura Looking to Run in 2016!!' [InfoWars]

  • Uploaded by Knewtube on Sep 13, 2012
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Jesse Ventura wants a grassroot effort to get him on the 2016 ballot. He will run for President as a complete independent! He does not want to be in any party. He will run completely independent. He said we need to stop the two party dictatorship!!

DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans

Jesse Ventura announces that he may consider running for president in 2016 provided that he gets access to debate in all 50 states and if a grassroots is formed to support his candidacy , I really Wish he'd run for president.Jesse is quite the speaker, really impressive, he always comes with facts in interviews, say what you want about him and his background and past, I trust him a million times more than any other politician out there , All we get from the Crips and Bloods is lies. Although i think this is all hype from Jesse and Alex Jones as Jesse Ventura is never going to get ballot access in 50 states or debate inclusion not to mention that By 2016 our country will probably be in shambles provided that a United States of America will still exist in 2016.
- Gerald Celente -

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