30 degrees, pleasant to our species

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30 degrees, pleasant to our species.

Greetings dear brothers and sisters, the video before you is a slight diversion from my normal videos, they normally refer to the discoveries i have made about the word formed lattice network structure of creation and the names EL, GOD and J.C found there, this video though is about the ongoing apparent discoveries others are making, that seem to reveal a presence amongst us, that appear to be reptilian type creatures in the midst of the controlled media, telling us our news, our weather, and generally what to believe.

I myself have seen and recorded several people on various T.V channels that quite clearly seem to have vertical pupils, and also on the same channels people with circular pupils, as though working together, as though its natural to them, maybe they know, maybe they do not know, either way, the bible tells of beings that interbred with humanity thousands of years ago, "fallen angels" and today scientists are doing similar things in laboratories around the world, messing around with different species and splicing their genes together to produce new breeds of creatures, so it is not out of the realms of possibility, to assume that these hybrids exist, or that actual reptilian creatures advanced by many years than us are using cloaking devices to appear human, or maybe even have inbuilt genetic abilities to shapeshift akin to a chameleon, which of these it is, i am not sure, but as the old saying goes, "Theres no smoke without fire".

My words may be close to the truth, or may be completely wrong, i am prepared to take that chance, for whilst flicking through the t.v channels last week, purposefully searching for these types, i happened upon the weather report on ndtv24x7 and she was telling the weather for the day. Several things about her stand out, her fingers mainly, the length of them, and the way they appear claw-like. I had a pet iguana once several years ago, and her fingers at times reminded me of my pets fingers, bumpy, long and clawlike crossing over in strange ways. Her face reminds me of the womans face in "V" but the statement she makes toward the end, where she says "30 degrees, pleasant to our species" seems to be a very unusual thing to say for a human. Oh and watch out for the thumb push trick she does, i have watched it several times and it still baffles me to see. Her necklace seems snake-like also.

Jesus is the way, there is no other way to GOD the father in heaven. Click the name gazelem to go to my channel and see my other videos for many proofs of his name in various aspects of creation. He has not hidden that he is the creator from us, it is there to see, for his Glory and for our benefit, his artwork is signed EL, GOD, J.C.

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