Open Your Eyes

This video was put together several years ago. In lieu of recent events, I felt that it was appropriate to let people "walk down memory lane" regarding our current "commander in chief".

At this point, getting anyone in office *other* than the man who currently resides in the oval office. He has been proven to never have released an actual *real* birth certificate, has continuously lied to the American people about his beliefs, goals, and intentions, and lastly has done nothing but place more power, money, and control into the radical Muslim world.

If you are still blaming Bush for all that is happening today, then don't bother commenting on this several year old video...because looking at what is happening today...what was said in the past...and the fact that the man sitting in the oval office seems to be put out to make mention of "common American's" tragedies but seem hell bent on making apologies, and scolding "America's behaviors" for the past several decades to the Muslim world.

So yes...*anyone* in office other than this man...would be in a better direction than we are currently heading....

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