The Keshe Foundation Most Advanced Technology on Earth

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The scientist, M. T Keshe, from Iran, who is working in Belgium at this time, developed technology superior to all others. He wants to create world peace with this technology. I believe this could be a huge step towards the New World Order; which I do not agree with.
The technology would be great, if the push for world peace, which is this scientists dream, to do away with seperate countries. This can only lead to more treachery and deception; certainly not freedom; not to mention religious rights, which the peoples on the earth already have a problem with. The freedom of religions, is a problem, even here in the United States, although not a huge problem yet, it is still a problem.
There are links below to websites to confirm and understand this information.

Keshe Foundation Promo Intro Video (english with multiple subtitles) === PLEASE SHARE ===

(NEST) New Energy Systems Trust
Keshe Foundation claims Iran in possession of superior defense capabilities

The White House

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