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UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco

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  • uploaded: Sep 19, 2012
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This last week, reports of Chinese naval vessels off the US coast, N. Californian in particular have been reported by denied....

WEBSITE: veteranstoday.com
by: Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Special acknowledgement and credit goes entirely to gonzosplayhouse for alerting me to this story: Thank you Gonzo! This is a very interesting article!

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  • BBWulf#

    BBWulf September 21, 2012 5:42:57 AM CEST

    I'm convinced Kerry C is a hired agent provocateur.
    She consistently posts info that there are no links for her so called confirmations.
    I find it hard to believe she is making enough money from her web site that she can bounce around the world every month & the living costs to do so. I think she is being funded by her handler.

  • Chillitiger#

    Chillitiger September 20, 2012 3:16:32 AM CEST

    Fatal Consequences Oh Oh.. lol she sounds wacky but cool. (not that i think the story is real..... but....)

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