The Roswell Alien footage - What's going on S01e1

  • Uploaded by Grey on Sep 19, 2012
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Presenting the Alien footage from Rosweel, recorded 1947 and leaked 2011-2012 by governmental insider. The extraterrestrial being is said to have worked with the Military and governmental agencies in the late 40s and early 50s, staying in a secret underground base somewhere in the Nevada desert - possibly Area 51.

Episode 01 , Season 01 of new short presentation show "What's going on?" which deals with alternative news, conspiracies, the paranormal & supernatural, ancient mysteries, suppressed science, cryptozoology, the esoteric & occult, the unexplained, metaphysics and spirituality

Produced, directed & cast by Edward Alexander, PleiadianTalk TV ( /

Intro music & Sound Effects: Public domain / royalty-free by free intro creater

Contains visual material under CC BY (Creative Commons) license from

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