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Atlantis Code: Ancient links between Sumer and the Maya - Journey through lost civilizations


Just as we discover that the further we go into the substructure of atomic particles, the more dimensions there are and the less we seem to know, the same is true of ancient history. The more we learn of ancient people, and even the origins of the human race itself, the less it seems we know, and the more we fear to discover.

Exploring the connection between Sumer and the Maya. A lecture by Jonathan Barlow Gee in 8 parts: pre-Sumeria, Sumeria's God, Sumeria's Satan, pre-Maya, pre-Deluge, ancient pantheon, 2012, and Pacal Votan and the Arecibo message.

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  • rayray#

    rayray September 26, 2012 1:53:52 AM CEST

    "before history began, there was love"...so true.

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