U K Govt Sack Drugs Advisor Over Opinion of Alcohol & Tobacco vs Cannabis & Ecstasy

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The U.K. Government's Chief Advisor on Drugs Policy Professor David Nutt was fired after he revealed that alcohol and tobacco were more dangerous than cannabis and ecstasy, which is proven by scientific analysis. Prof.David Nutt believes Govt are deliberately ignoring evidence. Scientific evidence and health records prove that alcohol causes more damage to the liver and brain,and 90 thousand people are killed by alcohol-related diseaes in the U.S. and U.K. combined each year. Drink driving accounts for 30 to 40 percent of all road deaths Worldwide. Tobacco smoking also causes 15 million deaths per year-(80 000 in England alone)- from lung cancers and other diseases, compared with the average of 7 deaths caused by ecstasy per year (average taken from over a ten year period).Cannabis is a non-toxic substance, meaning it cannot kill because it is not a potent poison. Alcohol kiils more than 5 times the amount of people than all drugs combined. Does Government really care about deaths caused by alcohol and tobacco or are TAXES more important to them?? Do Government want to stop alcohol and tobacco deaths, or do they see them as a form of reducing the unemployment and pension benefits handed out??


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