Sheikh Imran Hosein 3. 'Message to Muslims and Americans' [Morris Herman]

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Part 1:

A Muslim should respond to the Anti Islam film by peacefully protesting against their own governments, not the US embassy.
Mubarak, The Berlin Wall, Tunisia and many other such events were successful and they were PEACEFUL!
The US embassy protests will not achieve anything.
A Muslim never acts haphazardly
A Muslim should not allow himself to be remote controlled
The Massive betrayal of the Saudi regime.
If Romney gets in - it is likely that there will be a Nuclear war, and the cities of North America and Europe will be devastated.
The Zionists will survive a nuclear war because they have their underground cities.
The Prophet Muhammad was a true prophet and it is written in the Koran.
A man will stand up in Israel and say he is the Messiah
But he will be the false Messiah
But Islam says Jesus will return and conquer the false messiah.
The US ambassador was lured to Benghazi for a pre meditated preplanned attack on him ....
This is the final part of today's video.
- Morris Herman -

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