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New Photo Of James Holmes Released


  • angeliasbond#

    angeliasbond October 28, 2012 5:41:03 AM CET

    is not him, the face is too round and plus he refused to eat the food, said it was making him sick...alot of bull shit is going on with this case..even the cop in the court room with the radio mic he kept turning on was full of bull shit knowing this whole thing was a set up and that this was nothing but a show...james is not the guy who did this and they all know it...the person that was brought into jail that early morning was in a wheel chair and his face was covered..this whole thing is fucked up. innocent people killed, monies stolen from the funds political overtones. gag orders, no cameras, no media coverage..this all stinks..we all know it was a set up for some agenda..makes me sick to my stomach..not to mention the blatant refusal of all the witness testimony of other people involved. man with a gotee opening the exit door, timelines all wrong, man dressed in black with shot in leg laying next to the gas mask in one camera video. glass broken on car because it was locked and james was found to be drugged and sitting in the passenger side of the front seat...on and on..

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