Infowars promote GMOs with NEUROTOXINS Perpetual Fear WW3 Global Stage

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Alex Jones is promoting GMOs the Beyond Tangy Tangerine "plant based mineral powder" comes from a MINE that contains known neurotoxins like Arsenic, Lead, Mercury and they were even taken OFF THE LABEL. The world is a stage. Hemp fuel would make all poisonous energy obsolete making the cost of living really cheap. Share the truth with everyone and anyone, wake up the world to the global stage! I am a concerned human being who is poisoned and I am trying my best to educate others to make this world a much better place to live for everyone. If there was support, the cost of living would be really cheap. Prove me wrong why do other laws get repealed and Obama shows Americans how Don't Ask Don't Tell was Repealed. If something doesn't work, you try something else, does that make sense? I live in Canada and I cant grow my own food with legalized hemp wake up, things are not ok!

Why is there so much lack of empathy towards other human beings? I am not doing very well and I'm trying my best with what I have to make this world a far more beautiful place for everyone, things would change so fast if there was co-operation and communication. I can't afford anything extra, please donate to help sustain this website and my effort to get the truth out. Corrupt media and phoney activism have distracted the masses for years about hemp fuel making the cost of living really cheap. I am able to accept Paypal, or you can mail a cheque if you want, My e-mail is I could do so much more if I had money. I work for free with much of my time and energy to inspire others, I have free documentaries below

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