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Britain On The Brink - Part 4 of 4


  • Drjak#

    Drjak December 15, 2008 1:29:34 PM CET

    thanks bond .but do we the brits even get to vote out of the eu?

  • Rubberbump#

    Rubberbump November 2, 2008 2:03:10 PM CET

    A much needed piece of information- much appreciated.As a brit there does not seem to be anybody in the political scene that has got the courage to tackle these issues, corruption has eaten away at Westminster, and they have relied on people\'s ignorance to get away with so much so soon.My experience is that most people just don\'t know really what to do and assume that it\'s the job of MPs to sort these issues out so they can get on with there lives and not have to worry about things like that....At least we still have the internet ..(for the moment !?)

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