Punjabi - How Jesus and Nanak, the Anointed Sons of God married their Solitary Virgin Wives- 5.

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Hi Brethren,
Punjabi - How Jesus and Nanak, the Anointed Sons of God married their Solitary Virgin Wives- 5
Hi Brethren,
How could Jesus mary Mary Magdalene when in spirit she was the Som of Most High God?
This is a good exercise to find out how many are twice-born of the spirit. The once-born of the letters are looking at the situation from literal point of view as Nicodemus told Jesus how could he be born again of his mother? Nicodemus like these University Professors was a man of letters devoid of spirit but he was a righteous person and knew unless Jesus be from God, He cannot perform the Miracles. He was not jealous or revengeful like his counterpart Temple Priests, the stooges or faithful dogs of the Temple High Priest who felt his position is marred. These University Professors are thinking that Mary Magdalene being a female in flesh and this marriage being of the flesh, she could be His wife but stupid super donkeys as they are Christ Jesus was a spiritual Preacher dealing with our souls and that is why he made Twelve Sparrows of clay on Sabbath and put life into them. John, the Baptist was a Moral Teacher or an Ideal Rabbi, Prophet Elijah or an Angel of Israel. He dealt with moral issues of marriage and divorce, immorality as Herod marrying the wife of Philip was immoral. In spirit, Mary Magdalene was also the Son of Most High like the other Eleven Virgin Brides that Christ Jesus Married through Eucharist and all those who were served Eucharist were men that were Baptised by John, the Baptist in water in the name of Abraham to make them the sons of Abraham. Women having no seed could not be baptised in water or take part in politics. Woman is the counterpart of God in the procreation and they have no boundaries. They on marriage, change their surnames and could move from one country to another. That is why Christ Jesus had all the Labourers men who were faithful to their tribal fathers. Jew is not a tribe but an inward spiritual self never born and never died. Thus, as John, the Baptist never baptised a woman or a Gentile, both of them do not need entering into the Bridal Chamber through Eucharist. Saul was not baptised either in water or given the Eucharist as the Ritual. That is, the sons of Man who know their tribal identities or the women need NOT any ritual before becoming the sons of Most High and start Preaching Gospel. A woman cannot teach the Scriptures, the job of the schoolmaster but she can Preach Gospel as the Son of Most High.
Thus, spiritually speaking Mary Magdalene was a Man like the other chosen Labourers and this Christ Thomas stressed unless a female, a Disciple of Rabbis, Pope, etc become a male, a solitary, she cannot enter into the Royal Kingdom of God. Jesus married Eleven Virgins soon after the Last Supper after throwing the Thief Judas Iscariot out into the Darkness. He washed the Feet of His Virgin Brides and then took them into the Bridal Chamber to perform the Marriage Ceremony by Breaking the Bread as His Body to be Eaton when Preaching Gospel and Drinking His Blood by becoming His Spokesmen. Thus, Christ Jesus Fished Eleven Men, the Solitary Masters of their own Destinies and they in turn became the Fishers of Men to Fish other Virgins into the Service of Christ Jesus to Glorify our Father. This is supported in the Parable of Father, God, marrying His Son, Christ Jesus. When Father wanted to Marry His Son and the Guests were gathered together eating and drinking then Father found One Man was not properly Dressed. He challenged him, how dare you come into the Wedding Banquette not properly dressed? He had no answer and was thrown out into the Darkness and he killed himself out of the rebukes showered by His Son Christ Jesus. What was the name of the person who was thrown out of the Wedding Banquette? Can you imagine these hireling Dog-Collared Priests in the Churches would be welcome into the Vineyard of our Father where the True Vine Christ Jesus has been Planted by our Father? No way. They cannot find the Narrow Gate that leads to the Narrow Gate for the Solitary.

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