'Genetic Roulette, the Gamble of our Lives' [Jeffrey M Smith]

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'GMO Health Dangers'

MONSANTO - Agent Orange- Aspartame- Bovine Growth Hormone- PCB's- Pyralene- Aroclor- Clophen- POLLUTION. GMO crops are responsible for many allergies and new diseases, there's obviously something wrong with them since they sneaked them on the market and didn't tell the consumer about it and they don't label GMO food, Monsanto donated over 4 million dollars to help stop the Prop 37 ballot in California (due November 2012), that will require producers to mention the use of GMOs in their product. The most amazing thing is that quite a few products labeled natural or organic actually contain GMO's and are produced by companies like Monsanto. Most of what folks buy is GMO, they spend their food budget at places like Publix and Taco Bell and fund the whole mess, and then whine about it. GMO's a secret killer in the long run.... NWO... Population control... in the whole world. A cheap can of corn and meat. Half the people in Government COME FROM PRIVATE CORPORATIONS.
- Serle-RUMSFELD. Justice(haha) Clarence Thomas-Monsanto The list goes on & on. ALL LIARS & CROOKS.
- Gerald Celente -

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