'Anthrax Attacks Inside Job, US State of Surveillance, Europe Protests' [Abby Martin © Breaking The Set]

  • Uploaded by Knewtube on Sep 28, 2012
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Abby Martin breaks the set about protests in Europe, NSA surveillance and the anthrax attacks.

On this episode of Breaking the Set, Abby Martin talks about the American Corporate Media's unfair coverage of domestic issues pointing out the comparison between protests in Spain and Greece alongside Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in the US. Abby interviews EPIC's Director of the Open Government Program, Ginger McCall, about government surveillance and the erosion of American civil liberties. Abby wraps up the show with a look back at the anthrax attacks in the United States 11 years later, taking a closer analysis of the subject with an interview with Media Roots Journalist, Robbie Martin.

A brand new show on the RT Network hosted by Abby Martin. There are way too many rules set in society that prop up the establishment -- an establishment that works to divide and conquer the people. 'Breaking the Set' seeks to smash through the Left/Right Paradigm set in the media and political establishment to find the middle ground: the truth. It is a show that cuts through that pre-established narrative which tells the people what to think and what to care about.

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