Former military and government men talking UFOs - Spacing Out! Ep. 22

For this special episode of Spacing Out!, we hit the road in our new production vehicle to cover the Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed lecture at the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas. We talk with the museum's curator, and with the individuals who presented at the event. We also ask some of the special guests who attended the event for their reactions. Maureen and I also discuss some interesting videos that have generated interest recently, including a video showing an individual with teleportation powers. That, and other space and UFO news, on this episode of Spacing Out!


Thanks to our special guests:

Col. Charles Halt, Col. Bill Coleman, Col. John Alexander, Col. Robert Friend, Nick Pope, Ben Hansen, Lee Speigel, Ben McGee, George Knapp, Alejandro Rojas, Antonio Huneeus, Col. Dick French and Karen Green.

Visit the National Atomic Testing Museum - DVDs of the event will be for sale here:

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