Man's Shadow Next To Mars Curiosity? 2012 HD

  • Uploaded by Isotrop on Sep 30, 2012
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Incredible picture which seems to show a humanoid looking shadow standing next to the Mars Curiosity Rover. Figure appears to be a man leaning over the rover, possibly inspecting it, seems to be wearing a backpack of some kind. Is this proof NASA is not on Mars and is misleading the world or could it be an inquisitive Martian? Cant wait for NASA's explanation of this one :)Two Alien Lifeforms Next To Mount Sharp? 2012 HD: Bio Humanoid Found On Mars? 2012 HD Curiosity Anomalies 2012 HD Anomolies Captured By Mars Curiosity 2012 HD Observe Mars Curiosity Rover? 2012 HD The ADG Media Hub: Facebook: ADG on Twitter:

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