Thrive Exposed

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Sep 30, 2012
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Please share the truth, Millions of lives are lost every year around the world because of lack of food or medicine. Hemp is the most superior resource on Earth, the best food source, the best medicine, and so much more. Everything made from toxic oil today can be made from non-toxic Hemp. Thrive ignored how we can truly Thrive with Cannabis, so this documentary is showing people important information Thrive undermined, censored and ignored.

The cost of living is being kept artificially high by maintaining cannabis prohibition. Hemp Fuel can make America energy independent, and any other country, with a renewable non-toxic energy source. America could have been energy independent long ago. This is great information for people who want to get off the grid! Does the media want everyone poisoned by toxic energy sources used today? Nobody dies from cannabis and water kills people.

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