'Americans want Netanyahu stop meddling in US election' [Webster Tarpley © PressTV]

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In the United States the electoral system has not changed, there's a federal government, with elected officials at the national, state and local level and when it comes to the President he or she is elected indirectly by the people, through what's called an electoral college and yet some say it's time an overhaul.

But when it comes to voting in a President those elected have only been either Republican or Democratic, even though there is typically an independent running as well.

Leaving many to say there is far too much discrimination when it comes to politics in America. Still, another issue is the money surrounding politics, where super pacs have taken over and in the case of Republican Mitt Romney who has financial help from supporters of Prime Minister Netanyahu, even while Americans say they want Netanyahu to stop meddling in the US election.

Netanyahu and Romney are long-time acquaintances from their shared past work at Boston Consulting Group, the two also share similar views on many issues including the Middle East.

So far, because of the help from the super rich Romney continues to out fundraiser Obama, the election is November 6.

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