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Imminent Alien Invasion


  • Nuujumn11#

    Nuujumn11 November 29, 2012 9:17:05 PM CET

    Coincidentally, it was stated (Collier interview?) that you could tell which et's were not the nice guys by them wearing domes on their heads.

  • BreakingNewsGuys#

    BreakingNewsGuys October 6, 2012 4:26:34 AM CEST

    Another whiner who never post anything so never has to endure comments, just sits back and whines after clicking on it. Waa Waa Waa

  • Mixmonkey42069#

    Mixmonkey42069 October 5, 2012 5:49:52 AM CEST

    I wish there was a way to flag such garbage. Quit wasting everyone's time, as well as you own. A clip from "Mars Attacks". Come on man...

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