'US favors Turkey-Syria tensions' [News Analysis © PressTV]

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Saul Lindau, Webster Tarpley and Jihad Mouracadeh.

The situation in Syria has witnessed a dangerous spill-over in the 18 months of its unrest.

Artillery fire from Syria struck a Turkish border town and killed five people, and Turkey retaliated with a response which, according to some reports, killed a number of Syrian soldiers: the first such occurrence.

Even though Turkey has stated that it has no interest in war with Syria, isn't it already engaged in a war, by training and arming and even harboring the Syrian armed opposition?

In this news analysis, we will weigh in on whether this is the beginning of a war between Turkey and NATO on the one side and Syria on the other side, and on a wider context look at how far or how close is the world community on reaching a peaceful political resolution.

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