RA the Sun God Within Us Part 1.avi

Further down the RABBIt WHOle we go.

This series builds on my 'ARK of Truth or Deception' and 'The Devil Inside' series, so if you haven't checked those out you might want to. It will help you understand this one more.

Peace IN and the OUT!
Jon Whatley


I am a mind-body-spirit therapist/coach,lecturer and teacher. My passion in life is helping empower people by helping them understand how their mind (beliefs, perceptions and expectations) influences their emotions, body and life.

I not only give people the understanding they need, but also the tools they need to improve their bodies, minds and spirits!

Motivational classes are great, BUT they fall short of giving someone real power if they dont teach you how to work with your own mind.

Motivation alone is not enough! Imagine that you are sitting in a small boat. Motivation is like that little push you need to get you out onto the waters of LIFE, which is nice. However, your not getting very far if your boat is not untied from the dock.

I teach the most comprehensive classes on how to understand your inner workings and what you can do to be in charge of yourself Mentally-Physically-Spiritually.

If you are interested in a phone (long distance) session or a class in your area drop me a line: AwakeningBodyWork@hotmail.com

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