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  • Uploaded by Extraett on Oct 7, 2012
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Recorded 25th September 2012 Facebook group Green Party politician Pernilla Hagberg has spoken out on Chemtrails, the aircraft aerial spraying toxic chemicals over Sweden and most countries on the planet. These are NOT contrails. These are Chemtrails. Chemical trails. The government- media will not report on these operations, often carried out by air forces that are not of the country over which they spray. CHEMTRAILS PUBLIC TALK by PATRICK LYNCH 2012 effect on people's health is devastating and the damage to crops and the environment is as yet in calculable. Independent air, water and soil samples have found aluminium, barium and strontium levels sometimes hundreds of times the normal amount. These are highly carcinogenic. Toxic. Trees are dying back in many countries. Bee and butterfly populations have dropped to never before seen levels.Arsenic, titanium, bacteria, molds, fungus and even red bloods cells are routinely found in samples. ROYAL AIR FORCE SPOKEN TO ON CHEMTRAILS WITH SWEDISH POLITICIAN PARTY SWEDEN. EMAIL WITH YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS ISSUE. ARTICLES. PERNILLA HAGBERG . POLITICIAN. SWEDEN, CHEMTRAILS SWEDEN WEBSITE PROJECT UK are the scientists denying it is even happening while Geoengineers regularly hold conferences around the world in great detail on how to carry out Solar Radiation Management.Look up today and see for yourselves. Contrails disperse after around thirty seconds. Chemtrails linger for sometimes up to hours. They have nothing to do with humidity. They are filled with heavy metals. Who is paying for this? You are, with your taxes and your lives. Help spread the word today. Help this video go viral. Click like, comment and share.Thank you for watching.TWITTER. PERNILLA HAGBERG'S SUPPORT PAGE TWITTER RALLY ENGLAND 20,000 PEOPLE HEAR THE TRUTH ON OPEN SKIES OF COMMONS GEOENGINEERING REPORT Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering AIR FESTIVAL SATURDAY AUGUST 20th 2011 as a Force Multiplier:Owning the Weather in 2025 ATTENBOROUGH POPULATION CONNECTION Implications ofGreenhouse Warming PROJECT UK MESSENGER ARTICLE MENTIONED IN INTERVIEW OFFICIAL WEBSITE SKIES TREATY OF CHEMTRAIL FALL OUT INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS News Chicago heatwave Chemtrail spin from Tammie Souza

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